• Delta = archetypes. It is the life force, chi. When that is distorted, then it can lead to cancer. It is the pulsation of life force, the fundamental rhythm of life.

Delta and Flexibility

The interesting thing about teaching Delta to downtrend under task is that the resting Delta magnitude may actually increase as a result of the training. Higher amplitude Delta (implying more Delta is available) that decreases under task as SMR or Beta increases suggest that mental and attentional flexibility is improved. It appears that by doing Decrease training, Delta and certain fast frequencies are "unstuck." This flexibility is in alignment with the Giannitrapani study (1985) which shows that specific frequencies need to be available for certain mental tasks, Delta included. In the case of increased magnitude or percent power of Delta or Theta activity on a reference database, the clinical neurofeedback objective, of course, is to reduce the abnormal slow waves to normal magnitude levels.